Website Audit

A necessary checkup that shows what is lacking in terms of SEO, content, design, and usability


Up to 10 pages

  • Technical SEO issues
  • On-page SEO issues
  • Potential off-site problems
  • Page Speed Analysis
  • Backlink report
  • Complete audit report upon completion


Unlimited pages

  • Everything from Standard package, plus
  • User Experience Analysis
  • Website structure & Architecture issues
  • Content gaps & opportunities
  • Competitor Channel Analysis
  • Local SEO (GMB) review
  • Google Analytics & Google Search Console Review
  • 1h Review Consultation

Website Audit Deliverables

All our audits are done manually and are custom-made for each client, following a comprehensive list of over 300 inspection points.

We dig deep into your business and the value it creates for your customers and ensure that Google sees things the same way.


Technical Audit

  • Crawling & Indexing i
  • Robots.txt
  • XML Sitemap
  • Meta robots
  • Orphan pages
  • Canonicalization
  • Status codes and Redirects
  • Website security i
  • Local SEO set-up - GMB i
  • HTML Errors & Recommendations
  • Maximizing your crawl budget
  • Key landing page checks i
  • Calls to action and goal tracking i

Page Speed Analysis

  • Website Speed i
  • Core Web Vitals
  • Images, Videos i

On-Page Audit

  • Page Titles i
  • Meta Descriptions i
  • Heading Tags (H1-H6) i
  • Image alt tags
  • Site Content Structure, Content & Page Duplicity i
  • Page architecture and Internal linking i
  • Schema i

User Experience Analysis

  • Desktop and Mobile Friendly
  • Accessibility i
  • Conversion Optimization i
  • Website/Mobile App Suggestions

Keyword Audit

  • Keywords Audit by Search Volume, Relevancy, Difficulty
  • Keywords Cannibalization Check
  • New Keyword Recommendations i
  • Content Ideas to target keywords

Off-page audit

  • Domain Authority i
  • Competitor Analysis i
  • Anchor Text Analysis

Backlink Profile

  • Number of Backlinks | check for toxic links
  • Good vs Bad Backlinks
  • Backlinks Balance
  • Further Backlinks Strategy

Content Audit

  • Site Content Structure, Content Duplicity, Length of the Content i
  • Keyword focus, Topic Coverage & Relevancy
  • Competitor's Content Analysis, Content Ideas

Future site strategy - a complete roadmap (Paid separately)

  • Dissecting active campaigns
  • Dissecting current email campaigns
  • Creating strategy for brand new email campaigns
  • Dissecting social media strategies
  • Dissecting the user’s experience on a website
  • Dissecting customer service processes

Final Website Audit Report

  • Audit document, including recommendations and a roadmap for your SEO journey
  • 1h Review Consultation

Our Website Audit Process

Here at Swipe&Hype, we perform various steps to provide you with a comprehensive view of the problems on your website. By carefully examining every aspect of your website during the auditing process, S&H provides recommendations for enhancing your business's search engine rankings.


Technical SEO Audit

We combine the use of the industry's leading tools with the trained eyes of our SEO specialists to unearth a comprehensive list of your website's problems, both large and small. Then, we create a complete report outlining each issue, why it's significant, and how to fix it.
Data Sources

Screaming Frog, OnCrawl, Sitemaps, Search Console


On-page SEO Audit

Our team will evaluate the search performance of your core web pages. Then, we will suggest page element alterations to adhere to search engine guidelines. Identifying and correcting these on-page factors can have a substantial, immediate, and positive effect on your rankings.
Data Sources

Screaming Frog, Ahrefs, Sitemaps, Google Analytics, Search Console


Off-page Audit

Our backlink specialist will provide you with information regarding your URL, Domain Authority, and the quality of your backlinks. Many factors determine the power of link equity your website receives; Are the backlinks relevant for your niche? Do they have adequate anchor text? A backlink profile is one of Google's most essential SEO ranking factors.
Data Sources

Screaming Frog, Sitemaps, Search Console, Google Analytics, Ahrefs


User Experience & Performance

This involves examining both the mobile and desktop versions of your website. Website performance includes speed testing and pointing out the factors for improvement; also, checking that your site uses SSL and is served over HTTPS.
Data Sources

PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix


Keyword Research

This research involves determining which keywords your website should rank for to attract more visitors, leads, and ultimately customers. We analyze all the keywords suitable to your industry and prioritize them to ensure you get the most relevant organic traffic in the future.
Data Sources

SEMrush, AnswerThePublic, Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner


Competitor Analysis

We will investigate your competitors' businesses to determine:
  • Keywords generating the most leads for them
  • The content driving the majority of their visitors and authority
  • Most successful on-page strategies
Data Sources

SEMrush, AHrefs, Moz, SimilarWeb


Content audit

Once we know which keywords to target and which pages to rank for, we can determine the content requirements:
  • What angle should one adopt?
  • How many words to include per page?
This also contains improvements to meta-titles and headings.
Data Sources

Google Analytics, Search Console, Ahrefs, Screaming Frog


Documentation & Resolution

We will compile all the data into a final report, which will serve as a step-by-step manual for increasing your organic traffic. The solutions will be prioritized based on their impact on your website's ranking ability. As a part of the Unlimited package, we would walk you through the entire recommendations via a 2 hours call.

What You'll Receive:

Our Website audit is what you need if you're not ready to commit to a fully managed SEO service but still want to benefit from increased search engine traffic.

Current Issues

We identify on-site and off-site SEO issues to help you comprehend what is going on behind the scenes.

Recommended Fixes

We provide a list of industry-proven steps that will assist in resolving any issues your website is currently experiencing.

Step-By-Step Implementation

With guides and annotations at each step, it is simple to implement the suggested changes.


Don't hesitate to mail us if you have any questions

What Is a Website Audit?

A website audit analyzes how well your website performs on the Google search engine and identifies issues or errors that can prevent your site from ranking on Google. It is the first step in developing an implementation plan to produce measurable results.

Does the cost of an Website audit include implementation?

The cost of the Website Audit Report excludes implementation services. You will receive a simple, step-by-step audit report that you can send to your web developer or agency for implementation. We offer Monthly SEO Consulting Services to businesses who want to take their SEO to the next level to increase traffic, leads, and sales in the long term.

Time for delivery?

Depending on the size of your website, a thorough Website audit can take between 1-3 weeks to complete. Therefore, when changes to a website are significant, patience is required as an SEO expert must conduct a comprehensive investigation to make accurate, practical recommendations.

Why Are Website Audits Important?

Website audits are vital for preventing the following:
  • Losing organic traffic due to site health issues
  • Losing sales opportunities or the competitive advantage to rival brands
  • If your site is improperly indexed, searchers will not locate it
  • Subject to Google penalties for toxic backlinks
In short, a website audit can reveal issues that may be reducing traffic and sales.

When is the right time to get a Website Audit?

There are at least 3 crucial times for Website Audit:
  • Your website starts losing traffic
  • There are a reduced number of customer calls
  • Your competitors start ranking above you
We are usually auditing a website that needs a bit of redirection. But, when things are going well is another time to consider an audit. You'll be surprised at what you can find. There is never really a wrong time to get an audit. Unfortunately, most of the time, when people decide to get an audit, it's too late. They have already seen traffic decline, loss of money keywords, or their content is getting dropped from search results.

Why Is It Important to Conduct Regular Website Audits?

We advise that websites be audited at least once a year. This enables your teams to address urgent issues as they arise. After completing the audit, you should focus on other aspects of SEO to maintain your competitiveness. In any case, the technical foundation is not sufficient for SEO success. Maintain local SEO best practices if your business relies on customers visiting a physical location. It's important to monitor the SEO efforts of your competitors, keep up with the latest search engine best practices, and monitor the latest search engine best practices. These are essential components of a successful SEO strategy and should be a part of your audit and ongoing SEO maintenance.